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About US


We are a bit of a strange company. We combine structural retail evolution research with very practical purchase based analysis of customer journeys. We are best described as relentlessly curious, dedicated shoppers with a very analytical digital mindset.

The Journey Analysis method

Our core business is to help retailers and brands to design, validate and improve their customer journeys. Our approach is simple. We perform an initial and repeat purchase and analyze the entire process from the customer perspective. To assess the journey performance we use more than 500 checkpoints.

International benchmarks

All our checkpoints are linked to multiple international best practices. The essence of our method is the quality of our benchmarks therefore we constantly validate our 500+ checkpoints and update our best in class examples. On top of that we analyze 8 product categories on a structural basis.

Meta research

To identify the worldwide best practices on every single customer journey aspect we monitor over 300 international leading retail and technology research sources. We also use this meta research structure to analyze and distil the fundamental omni-channel developments and compile them in our retail evolution outlook.

Hands-on and fundamental

In our research we don’t just believe claims and publications, we always validate them in real life. We test, analyze and review thousands of sites and journey functionalities in various product categories. At our research and in client projects we perform hundreds of initial and repeat purchases. Every year!

Services | Tools | Products

The core of our business consists of the analysis of on-line and omni-channel customer journeys. But we don’t stop at the analysis. We also help our clients to address the short term and strategic improvement potential. Next to the methods and tools to design, manage and improve customer journeys we provide our clients with fundamental retail research insights.

Analysis services

We analyze customer journeys in a very structured way using over 500 checkpoints to examine every singel aspect of the retail journey. We provide three levels of analysis services. We can analyze the quality of your journey, add the benchmark with the best in class competitors to it, and explore the way game changers and new developments will impact your customers journey and business model. We identify challenges, opportunities and improvement directions.

Improvement tools

Our improvement tools are designed to enable companies to monitor, manage and improve customer journeys and create customer value. They are designed for on-line and omni-channel retail alike. Our tools combine customer experience dimensions and financial elements and are extremely easy to use.

We permanently monitor all technology and retail developments and analyze their impact on customer journeys.

Research products

We developed a meta research infrastructure to permanently refresh our benchmark examples and improve our 500+ checkpoints. We closely monitor and analyze over 300 international technology, marketing and retail research sources to detect the most fundamental developments that will affect omni channel retail. We combine the aggregated meta research insights with our own category and customer journey analysis findings to create three kind of insight formats for our clients.

What’s in it for you

Validation of improvement priorities

Our analysis output in combination with the dashboard, build with your data, helps to validate your improvement plans and prioritization of investments

Strategy assessment and reinforcement

Your performance analysis and the benchmark with selected direct competitors, international category leaders and game changers results in short term improvements and structural optimization area’s. But above all it identifies your strategic challenges and opportunities.

Business acceleration

Our database with best practice examples on all  500 checkpoints is an enormous source of inspiration. We use them to provide you with lots of practical input and examples for short and long term improvements that will really set you apart from the competition and accelerate your  omni-channel business.

Out-side opinion

It is extremely difficult to asses your own performance in an objective way.  We are customer journey experts and we look at your activities with fresh eyes. We use a smart affordable approach and guarantee that we identify strategic challenges and quick wins that generate instant revenue.

Data driven insights

We believe in the power of data. Therefore we connect the journey analysis findings to a defection funnel build with your data. We translate them into a dashboard that helps you to plan, monitor and manage your improvements. Our partnership with the e-commerce foundation and industry partners provides us with adequate benchmark data.

Why us

Omni channel background

We have an international track record based on our background in physical retail, marketing, database intelligence and e-commerce. Our founder Arjen Bonsing is a renowned omni-channel expert and chairman of the Dutch and European omni-channel awards. The customer journey model he developed is widely used. He is a long standing jury member and chairman of the European and Dutch omni-channel awards.

Customer journey method

We use a very structured analytical approach. We translated the ©bonsing|mann customer journey model that looks at the omni- channel retail process from a customer perspective into a method to asses all aspects of the the retail purchase process. We linked over 500 checkpoints to the 7 steps and 46 dimensions of the model.

Retail evolution research

To validate and update our 500 checkpoints we created a meta research structure to monitor the world wide omni-channel developments on a structural basis. We continuously refresh the best in class examples linked to our checkpoints. Next to that we permanently analyze the developments in 8 product categories. We share are research insights with our clients.

International purchase expertise

We don’t believe the publications. In our constant quest for best practice we validate hundreds of functionalities and websites. During our research and in client projects we perform hundreds of initial omni-channel and repeat purchases including pick-ups and partial returns, Yearly, world wide. All well documented and analyzed.

Hands on and easy

We are omni-channel specialists with a very practical approach. We understand that your time and resources are limited. Our analysis only requires a little of your time. Strategic improvements are developed together with you and your existing partners. Our objective is to help accelerate your performance by strengthening your capabilities, not to sell consultancy hours.

Our site contains only the highlights of our services, tools and products.

For more detailed information please feel free to contact us! We will reply as soon as possible.

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